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In our corner of the food world, few things have been as heavily discussed in the last few months as hard seltzer and chicken sandwiches (which...sounds like a great combo, now that I think about it). So when McDonald's announced two new chicken options coming to menus this week—one of them the Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich—we obviously had to give 'em a try ourselves.

For context, the sandwich is described as smoky and sweet with medium heat, while the BBQ Glazed Tenders are hand-tossed in a spicy and sweet BBQ glaze. The sandwich comes with chicken, sauce, onions, and pickles; the tenders come four to a box and are "glazed to order."

When a huge delivery arrived at our office, people were hyped, because fried chicken fatigue is simply not a thing. Opinions were VERY split, and can pretty much be split into two categories: Do you like your chicken heavily sauced or very lightly topped with sauce?

If the answer is drenched, go tenders. If you're a less-is-more kinda person, go sandwich. Neither, most people concluded, were very spicy, but did have a sweetness followed by a warm-your-mouth sensation. Our resident spice-hater Sam Netkin said, "I don’t like spice and I like this" about the sandwich. Read through even more opinions below—both are available now nationwide, if you'd like to try yourself.

BBQ Glazed Tenders


Madison Flager

  • "It's not very spicy but I like it. I enjoy it."
  • "It’s pretty sweet. Wendy’s upped my belief in what the national public could handle."
  • "The tenders are poppin', they really pack a punch. They're sweet at first, but then you’re like, hold up, there’s something there."
  • "I love the sauce, I like it slathered."
  • "There's too much sauce."
  • "There's too much glaze on the tenders, very ketchup-y."
  • "There’s a glow in my mouth but not from spice."

    Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich


    Madison Flager

    • "It's flavorful and saucy without being too much."
    • "The sandwich has too much acidity with the sauce and the pickles."
    • "It was so good; just the right kick of BBQ sauce and the chicken was crunchy."
    • "The chicken on the sandwich isn’t soggy."
    • "I just gotta say McDonald’s has the best bun. This is superior to any of the chicken sandwich buns we've had."
    • "There's not enough sauce. I wish this [chicken tenders] was on that [sandwich]. You’re creating too much work for yourself, McDonald's."

      Take from that what you will, but in sum, it's all about the sauce. If you feel like pulling a Popeye's, you could DIY your own tenders-on-bun situation and order both, or bring your own bun. You do you!

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