Jets safety rips NFL, calls the league a 'damn joke' after being given huge fine for Baker Mayfield hit - CBS Sports


Jets safety Jamal Adams is likely going to have to write a $21,000 check to the NFL after being hit with a huge fine this week, and let's just say, he's definitely not happy about the situation. 

Adams took to Twitter on Wednesday night to rip the NFL for taking his money. 

"This league is a damn joke! I just got fined $21,000 for this hit, I signed up to play football, not two hand touch," Adams wrote. "Bulls---! I don't give a damn about these soft rules protecting QBs. I'm gonna play MY brand of football every time I step on the field."

The fine stems from a hit that Adams put on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield during Cleveland's 23-3 win over New York on Monday night. 

On a third-and-8 play from the 50-yard line, Mayfield rolled left and threw an incomplete pass to Demetrius Harris. Just as Mayfield let the throw go, he was hit by Adams, who knocked the quarterback to the ground. 

The officiating crew reacted by immediately throwing a flag on the Jets safety, who was called for roughing the passer. Apparently, Adams doesn't think he should have been flagged for anything, and he also doesn't think he should have been fined. 

The NFL's 2019 fine schedule calls for a player to be docked $21,056 in pay for his first roughing the passer offense, which is a large chunk of change for Adams, who only pulls in $37,941 per game. 

The good news for Adams is that he might be able to win if he decides to appeal the fine, and that's because the officiating crew from the game seems to be on his side. According to Adams, the crew actually apologized for throwing the flag on him. 

"After the game, [the officiating crew] came to the coaching staff and apologized for the call," Adams said Thursday, via "Those guys have a tough situation as far as calling certain calls, so it's very tough for me to get mad at them, because they have a tough job."

Anyway, you can see Adams' tweet -- which contains some NSFW language -- and a video of the play by clicking here

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